Serving Our Global Community Through
Healthcare Initiatives
Serving Our Global Community Through
Sociocare Initiatives
Serving Our Global Community Through
Educare Initiatives

Who Are We?

Prasanthi Trust was formed in 1993 and is incorporated in Connecticut, USA. We are a non-profit organization established and operated by trustees and members dedicated to the service of mankind.  Prasanthi Trust, is registered US 501(c)(3) charitable trust. 

We are a non-denominational, non-profit charitable organization that is based on the universal understanding that all human beings must develop faith in themselves and in the spirit within, by rendering selfless service to mankind with firm belief that service to mankind is verily service to God. We welcome input from all like-minded, conscientious individuals who believe in service as an important component of a spiritual life.

The Trust undertakes carefully researched and thoughtfully designed programs of activities are carried out through volunteer workers. The service is rendered free to the recipients. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist community members to achieve a more meaningful life physically, mentally, and spiritually by focusing on providing the basic necessities of life to all that need it. We hope to share with you the joy and excitement of serving our community through selfless-service programs and activities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the living standards of our global community by supporting projects in the fields of Educare, Healthcare and Sociocare. We support other service-based institutions and established NGOs that provide access to free education, free healthcare, and also support social projects that provide basic living necessities of drinking water, food, clothing and shelter. 

We also strive to be a meeting platform and to play the role of a coordinator for other organizations with similar goals. We most wholeheartedly welcome input and cooperation from all individuals and organizations toward a combined effort in attaining the common aims of community service and social transformation.

Our Core Values

We are inspired by the teachings of spiritual Master Sathya Sai Baba, and the service projects in Educare, Sociocare and Healthcare done in His name.

The Trust advocates the universal truth that all human beings must develop faith in themselves and in the God within themselves; following the spiritual path of their choice or their personal religious upbringing (such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, or other); and rendering selfless service to mankind. When we learn to experience “Unity in Diversity”, we can fully experience being a human, and realize Divinity.

Our 3 Wings

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Healthcare Initiative

We uplift our community by delivering basic and advanced healthcare treatments to each and every individual.

Healthcare Initiative

Participating in humanitarian projects aimed at supplying medical equipment to hospitals and free basic and complex medical care to those in need.
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Sociocare Initiative

We stand against hunger by supplying basic nutrition to the underprivileged communities in India and disaster relief efforts around the globe.

Sociocare Initiative

Engaging in social services, such as funding partner institutions that implement a clean water supply for underdeveloped villages of the world, and creating self sustaining communities by installing solar panels.
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Educare Initiative

We drive social change by providing human-value based education from elementary to graduate level students.

Educare Initiative

Helping provide modern, wholesome, human values based education from the primary through the graduate levels.
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The Prasanthi Trust Difference

  • Helping the Global Community Since 1993
  • More than $30 Million Invested through various project grants
  • Presence on 3 Continents
  • More Than 30 Sustainable Service Initiatives
  • Millions of Lives Impacted 
  • 100% of Funds Go to Philanthropic Projects 
  • Zero overhead; ALL trustees/staff volunteer their time and their personal funds for administration

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