Serving Our Global Community Through

Healthcare, Educare, and Sociocare Initiatives

Uplift y(our) communities by improving quality of life for the under privileged


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We stand against hunger by supplying access to clean water and basic nutrition to rural villages in India.


We drive social change by providing human-value based education from elementary through graduate level students.


We uplift our community by delivering basic and advanced healthcare treatments to each and every individual.

We Serve With Open Arms

Prasanthi Trust is based on the universal understanding that all human beings must develop faith in themselves and in the spirit within us, by rendering selfless service to mankind with firm belief that service to Mankind is verily service to God.

Our mission is to enhance the living standards of our global community by supporting projects in the fields of Educare, Healthcare and Sociocare. We support other service based institutions and established NGOs provide access to free education, free healthcare, and support social projects that provide drinking water, food, clothing, and shelter.

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